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Humane Wildlife Control Specialists LLC, your trusted wildlife control and prevention experts in Houston. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing non-chemical solutions to protect homes and businesses while ensuring the well-being of both our clients and the wildlife we handle. Trust us for a safe, humane, and wildlife-free property.

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Some of Our Wildlife Control Services in Houston

Non-Chemical Houston Wildlife Control Solutions to Keep Your Home & Business Safe

Our wildlife control experts utilize a variety of non-chemical methods to keep your Hoston home and business safe from wildlife, such as exclusion and control services. Exclusion services involve sealing off any points of entry on your property, such as gaps in roofs or walls, where wildlife may try to enter. We also specialize in humane relocation of wildlife wildlife away from urban areas into more suitable habitats, ensuring the safety and welfare of both our clients and the wildlife we handle.

In addition to these methods, we also provide wildlife prevention services that act as a first line of defense against invading critters. Our team can inspect your property for points of entry and provide recommendations for repairs or prevention methods, like secure fencing or mesh screening around open structures. The goal of our company for wildlife control in Houston is to protect your property from unwanted pests while maintaining the well-being of our wildlife neighbors.

Proudly serving the Houston Metropolitan Area with Real Wildlife Control Results

Our family-owned company, Humane Wildlife Control proudly serves and provides wildlife control services around the Houston Metropolitan area.

Houston is home to various species of wildlife that pose a risk to humans and property. prioritize the safety of both people and local wildlife and that’s why people trust our company. From wildlife removal, rehabilitation, exclusion, and trapping, all compliant with local and state laws, our services for wildlife control cover it all. Call us and get a free inspection the next time something makes a noise in the attic at 2 am, we will be ready!


Our Services for Wildlife Control And
Removal in Houston, TX

At Humane Wildlife Control, we offer a range of wildlife control and removal services to handle your critter problem. We specialize in humane trapping, using only effective methods to minimize stress on wildlife. After trapping, wildlife is relocated far away from your property. We’ll then repair any property damage caused by the wildlife and make recommendations for future prevention, such as secure fencing or mesh screening.

Here’s the list of primary wildlife control services we offer to Houston home and business owners:

Wildlife Control

Our wildlife control service gently removes animals you don’t want around, keeping your home safe and quiet. Your safety and the animals’ well-being are our top concerns.

Bat Removal

Safely remove bats from your home with our expert bat removal service. We focus on humane methods to ensure your space is safe and bats are unharmed.

Bird Control

Our expert bird control service carefully removes birds from your area. We use kind methods to protect your space and take care of the birds’ well-being.

Bobcat Control

Safely relocate bobcats from your area with our specialized bobcat control service. We ensure a secure environment for you while caring for the well-being of these wild animals.

Fox Control

Safely manage foxes on your property with our effective fox control service. We prioritize humane methods to ensure the well-being of foxes while keeping you safe

Mice Control

Safeguard your home from mice with our gentle mice control service. We prioritize your safety and the humane treatment of mice, ensuring a peaceful solution for everyone involved.

Opossum Removal

Safeguard your property from opossums with our expert opossum removal service. We ensure a safe, humane approach to keeping your space secure and opossum-free, prioritizing your peace of mind.

Raccoon Removal

Efficiently remove raccoons from your property with our respectful and humane approach. Our raccoon removal services ensure your safety and the welfare of the animals, ensuring a peaceful resolution for both.

Rodent Control

Rid your space of rodents with our humane rodent control methods. Focused on your family’s well-being and the environment, we achieve a rodent-free home with care and expertise.

Snake Removal

Experience peace of mind with our humane snake removal service. Our experts gently relocate snakes, focusing on your safety and respecting wildlife, for a balanced coexistence.

Wild Alligator Control

With our humane wild alligator control, experts gently relocate these majestic creatures, ensuring your safety and promoting harmony between humans and wildlife for a balanced ecosystem.


Wildlife Removal & Rehabilitation in Houston, Texas

Our process for wildlife control in Houston prioritizes the well-being of both wildlife and people through our comprehensive wildlife removal and rehabilitation process. We begin by carefully assessing each situation, employing humane capture techniques to minimize stress on the wildlife. Once secured, we relocate the wildlife to suitable habitats where they can thrive, away from human conflict.

Our commitment doesn’t end there – we collaborate with local wildlife rehabilitation centers to ensure that wildlife receives the necessary care for a successful transition. By emphasizing compassion and responsibility, we create harmonious wildlife control solutions that safeguard the welfare of Houston’s residents and its cherished wildlife.

Exclusion & Trapping: Preventing Future Wildlife Conflicts in Houston, TX

Humane Wildlife Controls recognizes that prevention is key to avoiding future wildlife conflicts. Our strategic exclusion and wildlife trapping techniques provide long-term solutions for our clients, ensuring lasting peace of mind. We meticulously inspect properties, identifying potential entry points and vulnerabilities that may attract wildlife.

Our team then implements humane exclusion measures, such as sealing gaps, installing barriers, and utilizing deterrents, while employing ethical trapping methods when necessary. By addressing the root causes of wildlife intrusion and proactively fortifying properties, we empower Houston, TX residents to enjoy a secure environment free from unwanted wildlife encounters.

About Us

Our Business

Wildlife control and prevention is a craft that takes years and decades to master. The owner has specialized in rodent and small wildlife removal, capture, trapping, and prevention for the last 15 years.

We specialize in each service according to the individual needs of my customers. The free discovery and inspection process is what separates us from other wildlife control companies in Houston. Attention to detail and quality of service is what make us the best in the area.

Our Wildlife Control Process

Humane Wildlife Control Specialists LLC takes pride in its holistic and compassionate approach to Houston wildlife control.
Our process aims to address your wildlife issues efficiently while guaranteeing the safety of both humans and wildlife.
Here’s a brief overview of our three-step Houston wildlife control process:

Humane Removal, Trapping, and Exclusion Solutions

Once the issue has been identified, our team employs humane removal methods to safely capture and relocate the wildlife. We then focus on exclusion techniques, sealing off entry points, and implementing preventative measures to prevent future infestations and protect your property.

Inspection and Assessment

Our trained technicians begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify the presence of any wildlife, their entry points, and potential damages. This assessment allows us to develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring effective and targeted wildlife control for your home or business in Houston.

Restoration and Follow-up

After the wildlife has been removed and exclusion measures are in place, we address any damage caused by the wildlife, restoring your property to its original condition. Our team also conducts follow-up visits to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions and your continued satisfaction.

With our expert process, you can trust us to handle your wildlife control needs with professionalism, efficiency, and compassion.

Why Choose Us

Locally Owned & Operated

We are a local wildlife control company in Houston that values its customers. Serving the community is a top priority for us.

Honest & Fair Pricing

Our prices remain affordable so that our customers receive the most value from their purchase. We strive to provide quality products without breaking the bank.

Superior Quality

Our work is a source of great pride for us. We hold ourselves to exacting standards of excellence and ensure that every job meets those standards.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At our company, we stand behind our work. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure our customers are happy with the results.

What They Say About Us

Customer Reviews

“Kyle was fantastic – on time, super professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I got up to the minute updates as they were on their way to my location and they knew exactly what to do to clear up the rodent problem quickly. Best of all, Humane Wildlife Control Specialists as a company truly takes a humane approach – we need more companies like them in this world.”

Shannon Cutts


Brittany Genevieve

“Jerry took my call early in the morning and made time for me during his day. He quickly came in assessed the situation and advised me of the next steps. The team is very professional and helpful.”

Avery Cavallo

“We had squirrels in the attic. They were tearing up my house. I had them come out. Within about 4 days. they were gone. He was informative and knowledgeable. To help me save money I covered all the entry points. He offered it as a service but since I’m a contractor I could have just easily done it. I would use them again if needed.”

Stephen M

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If you have any questions about our services or suspect signs of a wildlife infestation on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of friendly experts is always ready to provide guidance and assistance in addressing your concerns. Let us help you maintain a safe, humane, and wildlife-free environment.
Don’t wait for the problem to escalate – take action now to protect your property and the well-being of the wildlife involved. Call us for wildlife control in Houston today!

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HUMANE WILDLIFE CONTROL Specialists LLC is a 24hour wildlife control service that caters to the Greater Houston & Surrounding Areas.

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