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Living in an alligator-prone area can be thrilling. However, be aware that these reptiles can threaten your home or business if they get too close. While crucial to the ecosystem, alligators can cause harm. If you have an unwelcome alligator on your property, knowing when to call a professional for removal is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore when and how to seek professional help for alligator removal.

Alligator Control Needs in Houston TX


Signs of unwanted alligator

It’s essential to know when an alligator isn’t welcome on your property. Below are some common signs that suggest an unwelcome alligator on your land.

  • Pool filter or spa damage
  • Traces of scaly reptile skin
  • Scratching or claw marks on boats or docks
  • Unusual and unpleasant odors

Reasons to Always Call in a Professional

If you discover an alligator on your property, it’s crucial to call a professional. Removing alligators by yourself can be dangerous. Below are some reasons why you should never try to remove an alligator by yourself.

  • Alligators are stronger than humans and pets.
  • You don’t have the proper training, equipment, or permits.
  • You may unintentionally harm or kill the alligator.
  • You may break the law, which has serious legal consequences.

Who to Call for Professional Help

To professionally remove an alligator from your property, contact wildlife control, a wildlife management company, or the state wildlife agency. These experts will safely and legally remove the alligator and offer advice to prevent future encounters.

The Alligator Removal Process

When you’ve contacted the professionals for alligator removal services, they will begin the most suitable removal process. This process takes into consideration the size and location of the alligator and your property’s physical characteristics.  The process entails physical capture using the right equipment and secure relocation to a safe and secure habitat environment. After relocation, the specialists will follow up to ensure that your property is free of further alligator problems.

Prevention is Key

It’s always better to prevent alligator problems than to have them in the first place. Below are some tips on avoiding alligator problems:

  • Do not feed alligators
  • Keep your pets on leashes when walking them outside
  • Ensure that your waste is disposed of appropriately.
  • Do not disturb alligators when they’re sunbathing or mating.

Surviving the Swamp: Handling Alligator Encounters with Care

Alligators are incredible reptiles that can cause danger or damage in some instances. If you discover one on your property, it’s essential to know when to seek professional help. The most crucial step is to call a reliable wildlife control or a wildlife management company. Professionals have the experience, training, equipment, and permission to remove alligators safely and legally. Remember to follow guidelines and prevention measures to deter alligator problems from arising. Stay safe when dealing with alligator issues, and the alligators will remain undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Don’t let an alligator encounter turn your day into a swampy nightmare. Reach out to Humane Wildlife Controls, where our expert wildlife control specialists are ready to handle the situation with speed, safety, and utmost professionalism. Let’s coexist peacefully with these fascinating creatures without compromising your security or their natural habitats. Remember, when it comes to alligator encounters, Humane Wildlife Controls provides the care, expertise, and humane solutions you need!

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