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Do Snakes Come Out More in the Summer?

Summer is a time when we enjoy the outdoors, but it’s also when snakes are more active. Many people wonder why this happens and what they should do if they see a snake. This blog post will explain why snakes come out more in the summer, highlights the common snake species in Houston, and how […]


What Kind of Diseases Do Bats Carry?

The role of bats in our environment is crucial, especially in regulating insect numbers. Nonetheless, these creatures may also be vectors for diseases detrimental to both humans and pets. Recognizing the variety of illnesses associated with bats and the potential dangers they present is essential for health protection. This blog will cover several widespread diseases […]


Top 5 Birds You May Find in Your Houston Yard

Houston is home to a variety of bird species. Your backyard can be a haven for these feathered friends. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five birds you may find in your Houston yard and provide some tips on bird control in Houston, TX. Northern Cardinal Appearance The Northern Cardinal is easy to […]


Where Do Bobcats Usually Wander in Texas?

Bobcats are frequently observed in Texas, with these native felines showing a preference for specific habitat locations. Knowing their favored roaming grounds is essential for effective bobcat control in Texas, benefiting wildlife enthusiasts and individuals interested in safeguarding livestock and pets. Bobcat Habitats in Texas East Texas Piney Woods Bobcats often call forested areas home. […]


Most Common Mice Entry Points and Hideouts in Your Home

Mice are persistent pests that can invade homes through the smallest openings. Understanding where they enter and hide is crucial for effective mice control. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common entry points for mice in your home and the typical hideouts they choose once inside. By knowing these areas, you can […]


Are Opossums Dangerous to Humans?

Opossums are common in many areas, and people often wonder if they pose a danger to humans. While they might appear intimidating, these creatures are usually not harmful. In this blog post, we will look at the behavior of opossums, any potential risks they may pose, and how to manage them safely. If you are […]


Do Foxes Attack Humans or Pets?

In city landscapes, foxes are a common sight; they’re quick to adapt, hunting for food and wandering through yards with ease. Their intriguing nature often comes with a side of safety worries that we need to consider. People commonly wonder if foxes pose a threat to humans or pets. Let’s unpack the actions of foxes […]


Top 5 Interesting Facts About Raccoons

You’ll find raccoons everywhere – poking around trash cans in cities one moment and scurrying through forest paths the next. Although they may seem cute and harmless, there’s a lot more to these creatures than what we first see. Ready to dive into some cool raccoon trivia? This blog post is packed with surprising and […]


Are Rodents Harmful to Our Health?

Rodents, such as rats and mice, are common in many areas. Some people might think they are just animals that don’t cause harm, but the truth is they can be very dangerous to our health.  This blog post will show how dangerous rodents can be and why it is very important to control how many […]


What are the Most Common Snakes in Houston?

Houston is a city with many different natural areas and lots of types of snakes. While most snakes are harmless and even beneficial by controlling pests, encountering them can be unsettling.  This post is here to tell you about the usual snakes in Houston. It will help you know them and learn what they do […]

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