Houston is home to a variety of bird species. Your backyard can be a haven for these feathered friends. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five birds you may find in your Houston yard and provide some tips on bird control in Houston, TX.

Northern Cardinal


The Northern Cardinal is easy to spot with its bright red color. The males are more vibrant than the females. They have a crest on their heads and a black mask around their beaks.

Behavior and Habitat

Cardinals enjoy dense shrubbery and hedges. They are often found in areas with thick vegetation. They are known for their beautiful songs, which can be heard throughout the year.

Bird Control Tips

To manage Cardinals, ensure that food sources like seeds are controlled. Use bird feeders designed specifically for certain types of birds and place them strategically.

Blue Jay


Blue Jays are striking birds with bright blue feathers and white underparts. They have a distinctive crest and black markings around their necks.

Behavior and Habitat

Blue Jays are very vocal and can mimic the calls of other birds. They are intelligent and often seen in wooded areas and suburban yards.

Bird Control Tips

Blue Jays can be aggressive towards smaller birds. To keep them away from feeders meant for smaller species, consider using feeders with cages or weight-sensitive perches that only allow smaller birds access.

American Robin


American Robins have a reddish-orange breast and grayish back. They are medium-sized birds with a cheerfully plump look.

Behavior and Habitat

Robins are ground feeders and are often seen hopping around lawns looking for worms and insects. They prefer open spaces with plenty of ground cover.

Bird Control Tips

Robins can be beneficial as they feed on insects. However, if they become a nuisance, using netting over garden areas can help keep them out. Ensure that compost bins are securely covered to avoid attracting them.

Mourning Dove


Mourning Doves are slender with a soft gray color and a distinctive long tail. They have black spots on their wings and a gentle cooing call.

Behavior and Habitat

These birds prefer open fields and can often be seen perching on power lines or foraging on the ground. They are ground feeders and are attracted to open spaces with scattered seeds.

Bird Control Tips

To control Mourning Doves, remove accessible food sources. Using feeders that dispense food in a way that doves find difficult to access can also help manage their presence.



Mockingbirds are gray with white patches on their wings and tail. They have a sleek appearance and long legs.

Behavior and Habitat

Mockingbirds are known for their ability to mimic the songs of other birds. They are territorial and can be seen defending their area aggressively.

Bird Control Tips

Since Mockingbirds are territorial, keeping your yard tidy and reducing potential nesting sites can help. Pruning shrubs and trees will make the environment less appealing for them to settle in.

Balancing Bird Delight and Control in Your Houston Yard: Ethical Solutions for Harmony with Nature

Having a variety of birds in your Houston yard can be a delight. By understanding their behaviors and implementing some simple bird control methods, you can enjoy their presence while managing any issues they may cause. Remember to seek professional advice for effective bird control in Houston, TX, to ensure a balanced relationship with your feathered visitors.

At Humane Wildlife Control Specialists, we understand the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance between enjoying wildlife and protecting your property. Our expert team is committed to delivering ethical, effective bird population management solutions. Experiencing bird issues or want to prevent them? Contact us. Let’s collaborate to make your area safe and welcoming for you and the local wildlife.

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