Protecting Your Property from Wildlife Intruders

Living in nature is idyllic and peaceful, yet it brings unforeseen challenges. Living in wildlife areas as a homeowner necessitates being prepared for possible encounters with intruding wildlife. Although adorable, these critters can cause property damage. Fortunately, there are effective ways to protect your property from these furry intruders. 

In this blog post, we’ll share tips to preserve your property’s beauty and keep wildlife at bay.

6 Tips in Creating a Wildlife-Free Zone

Secure Openings

To prevent critters such as raccoons, squirrels, and rats from entering your home, it is crucial to seal even the tiniest openings in walls, roofs, floors, and cracks. Regularly inspect your house to ensure these gaps remain sealed. Utilize caulk, steel wool, or expanding foam to close off these entry points. Don’t forget to secure the chimney to prevent birds and other animals from flying in.

Eliminate Attractive Odors

Wild animals possess a sharp sense of smell, and certain scents can lure them. Prevent wildlife intruders by eliminating enticing odors like garbage and food remnants. Ensure regular trash removal, securely install a tight-fitting lid, and exercise caution during outdoor cooking.

Use Secure Trash Cans

Garbage attracts wildlife, that’s a fact. To prevent attracting unwanted guests, use secure trash cans that are resistant to raccoons and bears. Also, try keeping trash in sealed plastic bags to further deter animal attacks. If you reside in a bear-populated area, ensure your trash cans are secured in a bear box.

Remove Food Sources

To deter wildlife intruders, eliminate food sources: store pet food indoors, secure garbage cans tightly, and avoid leaving items like bird seed or fruit outside that could attract animals to your property.

Install Fencing

Using wildlife-resistant fencing is crucial to effectively deter wildlife from your property or specific areas. Standard fences may not suffice, as some animals like raccoons can easily climb over them. To prevent animals from digging under the fence, ensure that it is installed with an apron that extends well below the ground surface.

Remove Outdoor Attractions

To minimize wildlife intrusion, removing outdoor attractants is highly effective. If you have fruit trees or bird feeders in your backyard, you’re likely to encounter unwanted wildlife. Try motion-sensor sprinklers or decoys like fake owls or hawks to deter them.

Dealing with Wildlife Intruders: Tips to Stay Safe and Protect Your Property

Residing in a wildlife area is absolutely awe-inspiring! Nonetheless, it does come with some challenges, especially when contending with wildlife intrusions. These tips provide guidance on minimizing the adverse effects of animal intrusions to ensure your safety and protect your property from harm. When encountering wildlife, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of both animals and the ecosystem. Stay alert and stay safe!

Our team at Humane Wildlife Control is dedicated to providing effective and humane solutions to wildlife issues. As wildlife control specialists, we offer a range of solutions to address wildlife issues. Rely on us for professional assistance in protecting your property from wildlife intrusions. Contact us at Humane Wildlife Controls today for expert assistance.

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