Tips for a Secure and Raccoon-Proof Property

Although raccoons are undeniably endearing creatures, their mischievous behavior can lead to significant property damage. Their penchant for displacing shingles, gnawing on wiring, and creating a mess with garbage not only causes inconvenience but also jeopardizes the safety and integrity of your home. To safeguard your property from these nocturnal intruders, here are seven expert tips to fortify your premises and render it impervious to raccoons.

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How Can You Keep Raccoons Out of Your Home?

Seal up Your Home Properly 

To keep raccoons out, identify and seal potential entry points. Raccoons can fit into small spaces, so thoroughly inspect and seal gaps, cracks, and holes. Secure air vents, fix screens, and ensure tight door and window closures. This makes your property less appealing to raccoons.

Remove Easy Food Sources

Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and will consume almost anything. Discourage them from visiting your property by removing easy food sources like open trash cans, bird feeders, and outdoor pet food bowls. Use secure metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids and store pet food indoors at night.

Add Motion-Activated Lights

Raccoons are typically active at night and prefer to operate in the dark. Adding motion-activated outdoor lights can deter raccoons from visiting your property. The sudden burst of light will scare them away and draw attention to their presence. This approach is especially effective if you have fruit trees or vegetable gardens raccoons love to raid.

Install a Fence

Installing a fence around your property can effectively deter raccoons if the budget allows. Opt for a sturdy, high fence with wide mesh or wooden planks to prevent climbing and digging under your property’s foundation. Keep those mischievous raccoons out!

Use Alarm Systems

Another way to scare raccoons away is by using motion-activated alarm systems. An alarm system can be set up to make loud noises or flash bright lights when sensing movement. This method can be especially useful if you have a shed or garage that raccoons like to get into.

Keep Your Yard Well-Maintained

A messy yard can attract raccoons. They seek shelter in tall grass, bushes, and overhanging tree branches. Maintain your yard well to discourage raccoons. Trim the grass and remove overhanging branches.

Treat Your Lawn With Natural Repellents

Hot pepper spray, ammonia, and vinegar are effective natural repellents for keeping raccoons away. They also work on other wildlife pests and are environmentally safe. Just spray them in areas you want to keep raccoons out of.

Keeping Pesky Raccoons at Bay: Safeguarding Your Property with Smart Strategies

Raccoons may appear cute, but they can cause property damage. Keep your home secure and raccoon-proof by sealing it, removing food sources, adding motion-activated lights, installing a fence, using natural repellents, and maintaining a tidy yard. Prevent pesky raccoons from entering your property with these tips.

If these strategies don’t work, consider calling professionals. Humane Wildlife Controls offers efficient and humane raccoon removal services. Our team can handle raccoon removal and help keep your property safe. Don’t let raccoons ruin your investment. Contact Humane Wildlife Controls today for your raccoon removal needs!

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