What starts as a few droppings can quickly turn into a full-blown rodent infestation when left unchecked. This can cause major problems within the household as rodents are not only carriers of various diseases but can also cause property damage.

Moreover, once they start nesting within your property, it can be very difficult to completely eradicate them. This makes the need for affordable, efficient, and long-lasting rodent control in Houston, Texas all the more crucial.

Below, we discuss how to prevent rodent infestations in your home through safe and eco-friendly ways.

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Cut Their Access and Entry Points

The first tip stops more rodents from coming into your house. Identify the multiple entry points they can use such as cracks, holes, broken seals, and the like. Once everything is patched up, they have lesser chances of adding to the already growing infestation indoors.

Get Rid of Food Sources

Rodents thrive in areas that have a lot of food and water. For this reason, the kitchen, dining, and pantry areas are most susceptible to unwelcome guests.

To deter them from staying, make sure all your food is properly stored in areas and containers that they cannot access. Avoid leaving food out and make sure to clean up after every meal.

Keep The Trash Out

In relation to cutting access to food sources, rodents treat trash bins as their all-day buffet. To keep your indoors protected, move your indoor trash every night to an outdoor bin. This ensures that you do not have anything enticing for them to stay inside the house for.

Apply Physical Pest Control Methods

Physical pest control methods involve setting up traps and glue boards to capture and kill rodents. This can be combined with organic pest control methods for a more effective solution.

Apply Organic Pest Control Methods

Organic pest control methods are non-toxic alternatives to chemical solutions. These can be applied by leaving out insecticidal soap, oils, and sprays. Essential oils with overwhelmingly strong scents can also keep rodents at bay since they are highly sensitive to smell.

If you wish to use poisonous methods such as pellets and granules, ensure that you keep them in areas that your kids and pets can’t reach.

Apply Biological Pest Control Methods

When we consider biological pest control, we leverage nature’s food chain and contribute to the predator-prey dynamic. For instance, if you are interested in adopting a pet, choose one that also helps deter rodents such as cats.

Keep Your Property Clean – both indoors and outdoors

Rodents love a good hiding place. They like cool and shady areas where they can burrow, nest, and stay hidden from plain sight. To eliminate this, thoroughly clean your property regularly. This includes:

  • Getting rid of unused boxes, clothes, and other items
  • Sanitizing surfaces every day
  • Deep cleaning more often
  • Cleaning the yard and trimming the greenery

Call A Professional

Rodents can be stubborn and very hard to control once an outbreak is present. To save you time and energy, invest in good rodent control in Houston, TX.


Our team of experts at Humane Wildlife Control are trained and experienced on all things rodents. From identifying the source to eradicating their purpose, and finally preventing them from coming back via maintenance inspections. We offer a wide range of rodent control solutions that are as effective as they are affordable.

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