Bobcats are native to Texas. This is why sightings are common in the Houston, Texas, area. However, human encounters are uncommon and rarely result in serious injuries or fatalities. Still, bobcats pose a certain level of risk.

Understanding what attracts bobcats to residential yards is key to bobcat control and keeping interactions minimal. 

Why Bobcats Visit Yards

  • Bobcats are natural predators that hunt rodents, rabbits, and snakes for food. They may occasionally prey on birds and feed on bird feeders.
  • During the hotter times of the year, bobcats may frequent yards to drink water. Birdbaths and ponds can act as a source of hydration for bobcats. A leaky faucet in your yard may also attract bobcats looking to quench their thirst.
  • As solitary creatures, bobcats may hide in overgrown yards with unkempt landscaping for protection and cover.
  • In some cases, bobcats can see smaller pets like dogs or cats as prey. 

As the bobcat’s natural habitat is shrinking, encounters have become more frequent as well. However, bobcats are naturally shy and averse to humans. This is why they prefer to sneak around in yards to look for prey, shelter, and water.

Making Your Yard Less Bobcat-Friendly

  • Remove brush piles and overgrown vegetation from your yard. A clean yard will have minimal hiding spots that attract bobcats.
  • Fix leaky faucets and remove sources of standing water.
  • Secure trash cans with heavier lids.
  • Motion-activated lights can deter bobcats at night.
  • Supervise smaller pets when they’re outdoors. Keep them on a leash if possible.

Predator urine, specifically wolf urine, may work against bobcats. But, be careful. Using the urine of any animal can attract similar species to your yard as well.

When to Call Wildlife Control

Bobcats have an ecological role to fulfill. It’s important to let them do their job even if their frequent visits to your yard have become a mild annoyance. However, there may be times when a bobcat is no longer a visitor. In some cases, a bobcat may establish a den in your yard. A tell-tale sign of this is frequent sightings with the occasional signs of prey remains. 

If you feel like a particular bobcat has become an unwanted tenant in your yard, call wildlife control professionals immediately. 

Do not attempt to handle or remove a bobcat yourself. This can do more harm to you, the bobcat, and to your property.

Keep Unwanted Guests Away From Your Houston Yard

Bobcats call Texas home just as home as every other Texan. It’s important to value peaceful coexistence as their natural habitat grows smaller. Creating a less hospital environment for bobcats is the best way to avoid frequent encounters with them. This forces them out of your yard without disrupting their role in the ecosystem. 

For instances when these preventative and homeowner-friendly measures are no longer enough, you can reach out to Humane Wildlife Control. We are a family-owned business with 15 years of experience that knows how to deal with unwanted visitors in your yard.

Keep your yard bobcat-free today with our help to enjoy a safer home for your pets and family.

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