Can I Call Wildlife Control for Stray Cats

Stray cats are commonly seen in neighborhoods. They can pose risks to community health and safety, prompting homeowners to consider calling wildlife control services. Is it legal to do so for stray cats? 

In this blog post, we will delve into this matter and furnish you with comprehensive information.

Wildlife Control for Stray Cats

Differentiating “Wild Animals” from “Stray Cats”

To ensure precise replies, it is vital to differentiate between various wildlife species, including bobcats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and others, and stray cats. Stray cats are domesticated felines that have either escaped or been abandoned. These adorable creatures roam the streets, relying on their survival skills to find food and shelter in urban areas. Despite their independence, stray cats still display some domesticated traits that distinguish them from their wild counterparts.

Legal Rights of Stray Cats

In the United States, animal cruelty laws protect domesticated animals, including stray cats. Therefore, professional animal control or wildlife control services cannot be contacted for these cats, similar to a neighbor’s dog. Reach out to your local animal shelter or humane society to report and care for these cats, potentially leading to adoption.

What Can you do to Help?

Rather than immediately reaching out to wildlife control, there are alternative approaches that can contribute to managing the stray cat situation in your area. Initiate by contacting your local animal shelter or humane society to report the presence of stray cats. These organizations may have a “trap-neuter-return” program established, which effectively mitigates the population of stray cats in the community.

What Should I Do When I Spot a Wild Cat Near My Home?

Give the Animal Space

When you come across a wild cat, the first step is to give it space. Avoid approaching, touching, or cornering the animal. Ensuring a minimum distance of 50 feet is crucial. Keep in mind that they are untamed beings endowed with remarkable speed and agility. So, never attempt to outrun or chase them.

Contact Animal Control

Living in an area with frequent wild cat sightings? It’s crucial to have your local animal control’s phone number handy. If you spot a wild cat near your home or in the neighborhood, alert animal control immediately for guidance and possible assistance with the safe removal of the animal. Safety first!

Managing Stray Cats: What Homeowners Need to Know

Homeowners are unable to contact wildlife control for stray cats, as they have legal rights protecting them. Instead, it is recommended to report stray cats or other animal-related issues to your local animal shelter or humane society. Taking necessary steps to control and reduce the stray cat population in your area benefits everyone. 

If you encounter wild cats like bobcats or mountain lions, seek assistance from wildlife control services to ensure your safety and the safety of the animals when living alongside wildlife.

Humane Wildlife Control offers wild cat removal services such as mountain lion and bobcat control to help homeowners safely manage wild animals in their community. For more information on how you can help reduce the stray cat population, contact Humane Wildlife Control today and learn more about their services for controlling wild animals.

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