What Bird Control Works Best

Birds are beautiful creatures that bring joy with their mesmerizing sights and soothing melodies. 

However, coexisting with humans can lead to chaos and problems. They can create mess and damage property, making surroundings unclean. In some cases, they can even pose risks to human health and safety. So, humane bird control methods are crucial.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 9 best humane bird control methods that will help to keep birds away without causing harm.

Keeping Your Home Safe: Top 9 Humane Bird Control Methods


Bird netting is a great way to keep birds away without harm. It’s simple and effective for safeguarding crops, fruit trees, and gardens. Just install the net over the desired area to restrict bird access.

Scare Tactics

To keep birds away, use scare tactics like flashing objects, decoys, or predator sounds. These methods can effectively frighten birds and deter them from an area.


Bird spikes efficiently control birds by creating a discomforting surface for landing or roosting. These spikes consist of flexible wires that bend when birds attempt to land, causing no harm.

Bird Repellent Gel

Bird repellent gel creates an uncomfortable and tacky surface which makes birds uncomfortable and avoid landing on surfaces coated with bird repellent gel. 

This method is humane as it doesn’t harm birds and is an effective way of deterring birds from specific areas.

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sounds that irritate birds and make them fly away from the location. 

Small ultrasonic devices are readily available in pet shops and on the internet and are an excellent option for small areas or indoor use.

Scare Owls

Scare Owls are a decoy type product used to keep birds away, featuring life-like markings to create an illusion of the birds of prey. 

Birds steer clear of this predator-looking object, making it a useful and humane bird control method.

Reflections and Mirrors

Glare and reflection from mirrors or reflective tape can keep birds away. The glare or reflection from the surfaces is irritating to the birds, which makes them avoid any such surfaces.

Avian Deterrent Systems

These devices utilize lasers, pyrotechnics, or paintballs to deter and repel birds.

These systems are great for larger areas like airports and golf course grounds as they help to drive the birds away without causing any harm.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Birds can be deterred from landing on suitable surfaces by using motion-activated sprinklers. These sprinklers use a combination of sound, water and motion detection sensors to deter birds humanely.

Keeping Birds Away: Creative and Humane Strategies for a Hassle-free Home

Birds can be a real headache when they start invading our homes. However, there are plenty of safe and humane ways to keep them at bay. From physical barriers like bird spikes and netting to natural methods like habitat modification and scare tactics, there’s a solution for every situation. Choose the method that’s right for you and enjoy a bird-free home.

Deter birds effectively with humane wildlife control services. Humane Wildlife Controls provides motion-activated sprinklers and other services to keep birds away without harm. Contact Humane Wildlife Controls today to learn more and protect your home from unwanted visitors.

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