Houston is a city with many different natural areas and lots of types of snakes. While most snakes are harmless and even beneficial by controlling pests, encountering them can be unsettling. 

This post is here to tell you about the usual snakes in Houston. It will help you know them and learn what they do for our world. Knowing about these snakes means we can be safe around them and shows why it’s important to remove them the right way when we need to.


The Most Seen Snakes in Houston

Texas Rat Snake

One of the snakes you’re most likely to run into is the Texas rat snake. These big snakes that don’t have poison are great at climbing. You can often find them in trees looking for birds and small animals. Their color can vary but they usually have a pattern of dark spots on lighter skin.

Eastern Hognose Snake

Known for its distinctive upturned snout, the Eastern hognose snake uses its nose to dig in the soil for toads, its primary food. These snakes are known for how they protect themselves. They make their bodies bigger and act like they are dead when they feel scared.

Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin)

The cottonmouth, also known as water moccasin, is a venomous snake found near water bodies in Houston. They have a thick body, and adults can be recognized by their dark color. Younger cottonmouths have a brighter pattern. It’s very important to stay away from these snakes and call experts to remove them.


Copperheads are another type of venomous snake in Houston. They have a bright copper-red head and a body with patterns that help them hide well on the ground covered in leaves. Like cottonmouths, if you see one, it’s best to contact a snake removal service.

Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake

This slender, non-venomous snake is often found near water. The Gulf Coast ribbon snake has long lines on its body and eats little fish and water animals. They are quick and usually flee from humans.

Coral Snake

Coral snakes are venomous and notable for their bright, colorful bands of red, yellow, and black. However, they are shy and rarely seen. If you see one, it’s very important not to touch it and to call experts to safely take it away.

Safe Snake Removal Practices

Seeing a snake in or around your home can be alarming. But, it’s important to remember that snakes help a lot by keeping the number of pests down. If you encounter a snake and need it removed, contacting a professional snake removal service is the safest option. These experts can safely catch the snake and move it to a new place, so neither you nor the snake gets hurt.

When to Call a Professional

  • If the snake is inside your home
  • If the snake is large or you suspect it’s venomous
  • If you’re unsure about the snake’s species

Coexisting Peacefully with Houston’s Snakes: A Guide to Safe and Humane Practices

Understanding the common snakes in Houston is the first step towards coexisting peacefully with them. Remember, snakes are a very important part of nature around us, helping to control the number of rodents. If you come across a snake, maintain a safe distance. 

For venomous species or if you’re uncomfortable handling the situation, calling a professional snake removal service is always the best course of action. This way keeps you safe and is good for the wild animals in Houston.

If you find yourself in need of assistance with a snake in or around your property, Humane Wildlife Control Specialists are here to help. Our team knows a lot about safely and kindly taking snakes away. We make sure both you and the snake are treated well and carefully. Don’t take unnecessary risks; contact Humane Wildlife Control Specialists for all your snake removal needs. Together, we can make our places safe and nice for animals too.

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